Friday, April 25, 2008

Now it's done.

I did pull out the sleeve yesterday, ripped back to 1" below the armhole and reknit it. I kept comparing it to the other one, which I thought was fine. It seemed to be coming out pretty close. (I listened to Jane Eyre while doing this, which was great.) I sewed it in and, folded the sweater in half to compare the sleeves and now the one that was too big is at least an inch or inch and a half shorter than the other one. Yikes. I thought I might have to do it again! But I tried it on and the shorter sleeve was perfect. The longer sleeve is only a bit too long and may be fine. I actually wore the sweater today. I don't let my new garments sit around. Afterall it is wool and summer is coming. Fortunately I live in Duluth where one can wear wool 10 months of the year. It was perfect for today. I still feel a little ridiculous taking my own picture in my bathroom, but it's the only room in the house that has enough natural light that I don't need the flash. And the sweater just looks so flat if I lay it down to take a photo. And I don't own a dress dummy, so I had to resort to taking my own picture as best I could. Oh and my husband is out of town. So you get a funny picture of me in my bathroom. :-0

Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Freya is finished - well almost

So I got this sweater done and sewed up, but now I see that I must redo one sleeve. That same first sleeve that I already redid the top part of. I think you can see in the picture how that sleeve is just too big. Other than that it seems fine.

I'll post a better picture after I get the sleeve fixed. It's a gray, rainy day here today, so a good day to put on an audio book and sit and pull out a sleeve.