Sunday, August 3, 2008

A couple F.O.s and a new challenge


An F.O. is the opposite of a UFO (unfinished object) some knitters acquire many UFOs, but I don't. (See note in side-bar)

I have finished the stole that I wrote about in my last post, and I even wore it to the Opera last night.  That sounds so much more elegant than it really is. We went to see Samson et Dalila at UMD last night. It was quite good, with a semi-professional cast. It was sung in French and most of the French was not bad. But here in Duluth, and especially at a university event, no one really dresses up that much.

blue-cami-cropt_1_1 And before that I finished this camisole. It was made from a kit that I got in April for half-price. The original price was way too much, but it wasn't bad at half-price. This one had to be reworked a couple times, so it took me longer to finish than it should have. I won't wear it that much, because we don't get much warm weather here and it doesn't seem to lend itself to wear under something else. I may try to find a gauze blouse to wear over it though. I have worn it twice, already, so that's really not bad.


And here is the finished lace shawl that I completed in May and gave to my niece, Nina. That's Nina and her grandmother (my mom) on their birthdays. Nina's is May 14th and Mom's is May 13th, so we had a joint celebration for both of them.

alpaca-stash yarn

Now for the new challenges:  The yarn at left is some Alpaca that I bought also in April. I was working up a gauge swatch to see if I could decide what to do with it. I considered a vest, but felt I didn't have enough to complete the patterns I was looking at.

IV League vest swatch2

So instead I bought some more yarn and worked out this gauge swatch. I will be knitting this for the Ravelympics competition. This, for anyone not on Ravelry is an knit-along, where you have to knit the object during the olympics. You are allowed to make a gauge swatch and be ready to start during the opening ceremonies, but not before.

IV league vest-yarns-1

Here is my yarn. My local yarn store (Yarn Harbor) in Duluth is sponsoring this event, so she generously offered us 20% off our purchases for the event. I am going to return the grey yarn, and try a light tan. The grey wasn't working for me-- too dark. Oh this pattern was published in last fall's issue of Interweave Knits. It is called Ivy League Vest. There are several others doing this same vest for the Ravelympics. And there are quite a few on Ravelry who have done this before, so I had lots of pictures to look at. They all look like they turned out great. I hope I'll be happy with mine too. The object is to complete it before the closing ceremonies. I'm not sure I can do that, but I'll try.