Thursday, July 10, 2008

A cotton lace stole

I have been working on two knit projects. I just finished one, but don't have a picture of it yet, so I'll make this post about the other one.

This is a lace stole made from a sport-weight cotton. I think it's sport weight. I started a swatch in a lace-weight, but that was a little difficult and then I realized it might work well with this yarn that I had on hand. The yarn is Louisa Harding Jasmine. It is cotton, bamboo, silk and polyester. It has a silver thread or speck in it (probably the 3% polyester) It is quite soft, so I think will make a nice stole for summer.
This pattern is worked on both sides--that is the back is not just purl stitches, but keeps the lace design going. I've never done a pattern like this, but the repeat is only 13 stitches wide and is fairly easy to remember, so it's going fine. I don't have to refer to the pattern instructions any more, so that makes it easier to work on and to carry along. I worked on it on our trip East for the 4th of July Holiday.
Here's a link to the free on-line pattern. Voyager lace stole.
I think it is about 1/4 finished. I need to check the pattern again for the finished length, but I'm not that close. I have 9 balls of the yarn and will probably use all of them. I think I'm into the 3rd so far.