Saturday, May 10, 2008

I took another Rosemaling class

I spent 3 days this week in a class with Marlys Hammer, a gold medal rosemaler from Wisconsin. She was a delight to learn from. She paints in acrylics, which is what I use. They behave a bit differently from oil paints and it was nice for me to have a teacher demonstrate in acrylics. Here are some pictures of Marlys and the plate she brought for us to use as a model.  She also brought patterns for the plate. I did a practice plate and one similar to the one she is holding, but I didn't do the border. I was quite happy with how it looked without the elaborate border.

Marlys Hammer

Here's a wide view of the room.


and here Marlys is helping another student.


And here are pictures of my plates:


The one below I did as a practice piece. I didn't use her pattern on this one, but free-handed a similar design.


And here's a detail from the second plate.


The plates still need a finishing top coat, but they often photograph better before they are varnished.