Monday, June 29, 2009

Two nearly FO's -- One Rosemaling!

I attended a two-day class in rosemaling taught by VGM Irene Lamont of Eau Claire, WI. last Thursday and Friday. I practiced for several days before the class, because I hadn't done any rosemaling since last summer or fall.


I have a couple photos of my unfinished floorcloth. I painted it in oils, which is the first time I've ever painted in oils. I have done all my rosemaling in acrylics before this. It was a little hard getting the paint to work on the canvas and it was an adjustment for me getting used to working in oils. I can't say now that I like them better than acrylics, but I can see that for some applications and styles they would work better.  With more practice I could get used to them.

Here is what the floor cloth looks like now. After it is thoroughly dry I'll "antique" it and paint a border.




And the other nearly Finished Object is my merging colors Strickwear vest. I have completed the 4 pieces. They just need to be seamed together and then a border knit on the neck and bottom edges. I'm amazed at how the two backs came out the same size even though one is knit on the diagonal. This pattern is well written.


Okay, I have to pack now. We leave Wednesday for our trip to Indiana , Ohio, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. These two projects will sit until I get back mid-July.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Update for the start of summer

I should be updating my travel blog, as I have done so much traveling and have so many pictures, but it is just for that reason that that seems so daunting a task and I am trying to find time for my home hobbies, now, so here's an update on those.


First, Knitting:  I have three pieces done of the Bavarian twisted rib cable sweater, by Ann McCauley, that I started last winter after finishing the Nordic one. 

most of front and 2sleeves

I got kind of tired of doing these two cable patterns over and over, so put it down and picked up the Merging colors vest designed by Candace Eisner Strick. I bought this kit in 2008, then spent hours and months winding the yarn by hand. You need 4 balls of each of the 4 colors.  Here are two pictures, one of the yarn and pictures of the design and one of what I have done now. This is going fairly quickly, even though I do have to stop every 2 to 4 rows and change the color of one of the strands. It seems to be coming out the right size and the front and back that I've done seem to match up where they should even though one is done on the diagonal.

I took this photo when I thought I had enough yarn balled. I thought I needed 3 balls of each color. When I got ready to start on the vest, I realized I needed 4 of each color, so had to go back to balling more.1-yarn

The vest so far:

2-pieces done  You carry 4 strands together and knit with a size 6 or 7 needle. The weight of the 4 strands is close to worsted weight. You change the color strands one at a time to get the gradual change from aqua to purple.


I spent several days after I got home from Poland, Rome, Boston, Washington DC etc. working in my back yard garden. I even planted some tomatoes, lettuce, radishes and beans this year. This is an experiment. I don't know if they'll get enough sun to do well, but I am trying them this year. We'll see how it goes. The lettuce and radishes are just up. I saw them this morning.

This is taken from the deck looking down on the back yard. We had the pavers put in for the driveway beyond the black fence and arbor last fall. the boxes on the right next to the garage are filled with new topsoil and that's where I planted the vegetables. They only get sun until about noon, which may not be enough.


And here are the tomato plants, the day I put them in. The lettuce and radishes are in front of them.


And finally here is one of the pots on the front porch.


I got out my paints yesterday and did some practicing. I was going to put something in here about the rosemaling, but I don't think I will afterall, as this is already long. I am taking a class next week, so I'll update then-maybe.  :-)