Friday, April 5, 2013

Just Rosemaling

I had intentions of blogging more often this year, but then I got into ancestry research and did that instead.  I have also been taking another rosemaling class and finally after 12 years, I really feel I'm getting the hang of this.  Here are a few of the items that I have done this spring. 



Here's a sketch on cardboard. This is my own design. I like experimenting with the placement of the scrolls.  Some of my favorite designs have no flowers in them.


This one's done on matboard.  I'm working with oils now, which provide different challenges than the acrylics.  They smudge more, because they dry so slowly. I'm learning.  The oils dry with a nice shiny finish, and are quite bright on a wooden surface. On matboard, however they dry flatter and more quickly. I can claim this design as my own. Though I was looking at a photo of another design, I really didn't come that close to the other one.  It was much more involved than this one.  I may try again next class.  Mainly I'm trying to vary the position of the basic scrolls and the shapes of the flowers.


This is a plate I painted for my wall. After moving some things around, I felt I had room for another plate. This is a design I worked out over several weeks.


And here are two examples I photographed in class.

from phone 002_2_1

This one is by Nancy Schneck. I posted one of hers last time. Note the unusual border treatment in this one. I should try to paint this one too. There are some interesting things going on here.



And here's a detail of one by Oscar Kjetsaa.  This style is too different from mine for me to want to copy it. It's very soft and round. All of these are in the Telemark style.  I don't try to do any other style. It's definitely my favorite. 


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