Monday, March 3, 2008

Mystery shawl - clue #3

Here's what the shawl looks like this morning. I finished clue 3 over the weekend. I'm sorry this isn't a very good picture. I'll try to get a better one after the next clue.

The pattern this time got pretty complicated in the middle and was hard to follow, so I added vertical lines with different colored markers to the printed pattern. This helped me remember where I was on the pattern. That helped a lot. I have used 2 markers one in each side of the triangle. When I put in the life lines they go through the markers, so I drop them on the next row and put in new ones. I forgot one of the new ones the last time, but that explains why there are 2 next to each other on the right side in the photo, in case you were wondering. :-)


JackBlackRoady said...

hello! i stumbled upon your blog and i love the idea of a mystery knit along! i am part of a craft group and we are doing a swap, i have no idea what i will get!!!
nice to read your blog.

Cécile said...

Hi Gerry, Thanks. That is exactly why I joined this KAL. I love puzzles and mysteries and thought this sounded like fun. When I work jig-saw puzzles I prefer to hide the box-top so I don't know what the finished puzzle will look like until it is finished. That's what this shawl is like. We don't know what the design will be. It is evolving as we knit it.

Swaps sound like fun. I haven't done one, but I might join the next one I see starting up.


shortoldlady said...

Wow-the malabrigo looks great! This just seals my choice! Isn't it so soft? I ordered mine online - no LYS. Poor me. Thanks for showing what I have to look forward to. Nice job!