Thursday, January 15, 2009

I have a design for the rest of the sweater


I knit the cuff of the second sleeve--started it last night and finished up this morning. Since I had to stop at that point, because the next row should have the white color in it, which is the color I am waiting for, I decided to spend some time designing the rest of it.

Two sleeve cuffs 

I went on-line and found a free demo of the Sweater Wizard. I really wasn't sure what that program would do, so thought this would be a good way to test it out to see if I do want to buy it. So I down-loaded the free demo and entered the numbers for my size, stitch and row gauge and needle. I think the program did fine printing diagrams and stitch numbers. I could have calculated the stitch numbers required just as easily myself. What is harder is to get the decreases for the raglan sleeve and upper body. Unfortunately the program gave me different numbers for the decreases on the sleeve and the yoke and I want to join all the pieces at the underarm and work the yoke in the round as one piece, so I want the decreases on both pieces to match up. I will have to figure that part out I guess. I will also work the body in one piece in the round with a steek for cutting down the middle to make it a cardigan.

I used my stitch and Motif maker (it's linked in the previous entry) to come up with some designs.

Here's what I am working with at least for now. I may tweak them before I actually get to that part of the sweater.

3-color border

This is the 2-color border that will go in the sleeve and around the hem of the body and maybe in the yoke.

This one I took from a Gjestal pattern that I have.







And this is the main pattern that will go around the body just below where the sleeves are joined.


And here is the next pattern that will go on the yoke above where the sleeves are joined. Does it look wavy to you? It's an optical illusion.


I used the dark blue to represent the teal color yarn I am working with.

The star pattern that will go in the center back and front, I took from Alice Starmore's Book of Fair Isle Knitting. Alice Starmore's Book of Fair Isle Knitting The rest of that one I made up. It may be too irregular, but it will be a bit like knitting complicated lace patterns where you have to watch each stitch. It's only for 27 rows, so I think it won't be too tedious.

Anyway that's where I am with this sweater now.


Soov said...

I really admire your talent, Ceci. You make the most beautiful sweaters!

I learned to crochet when I was 13 and then to knit...but I only kept up knitting for about a month. I've crocheted for over 30 years. (Yikes!) Perhaps because it's easier? You make me want to grab some yarn.

Looking forward to following the updates on this complicated design.

lamplighter777 said...

WOW. I followed your link over here from ravelry... AMAZING stuff! I will learn to knit fair isle style sometime...

Kat said...

Only 27 rows? Okay Im crosseyed already. Love the star.