Monday, June 29, 2009

Two nearly FO's -- One Rosemaling!

I attended a two-day class in rosemaling taught by VGM Irene Lamont of Eau Claire, WI. last Thursday and Friday. I practiced for several days before the class, because I hadn't done any rosemaling since last summer or fall.


I have a couple photos of my unfinished floorcloth. I painted it in oils, which is the first time I've ever painted in oils. I have done all my rosemaling in acrylics before this. It was a little hard getting the paint to work on the canvas and it was an adjustment for me getting used to working in oils. I can't say now that I like them better than acrylics, but I can see that for some applications and styles they would work better.  With more practice I could get used to them.

Here is what the floor cloth looks like now. After it is thoroughly dry I'll "antique" it and paint a border.




And the other nearly Finished Object is my merging colors Strickwear vest. I have completed the 4 pieces. They just need to be seamed together and then a border knit on the neck and bottom edges. I'm amazed at how the two backs came out the same size even though one is knit on the diagonal. This pattern is well written.


Okay, I have to pack now. We leave Wednesday for our trip to Indiana , Ohio, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. These two projects will sit until I get back mid-July.


livnletlrn said...

The floorcloth is gorgeous! So is the vest, but I've never done any painting of any kind, so the rosemaling knocks my socks off. Awesome.

Rose - The Center of My Self said...

Your rosemaling is so gorgeous! What skill it must take to make the patterns and colors so beautiful.

paintergal said...

Both projects are fabulous. You have skills, GF!

Cecile said...

Thank you so much Debbie, Rose and Carol!

I need to keep taking classes in rosemaling. I learn so much each time. In rosemaling there are a lot of rules, (which can be broken) but they do help one to create a well-balanced, pleasing design. I need to keep working at this and try not to break the rules. I also need to practice painting long graceful lines, which are difficult.