Friday, July 26, 2013

Too Many Hand-knit Sweaters

I'm doing some decluttering and organizing in my home.  I started with the most difficult room--my bedroom.  We don't  have a walk-in closet, but have 3 separate small closets.  (Our bedroom has 10 doors and 1 window.)  Of those doors 5 are closet doors. I started with the closet that I use the least, took everything out, reorganized it and put some back in.  Then I tackled the one where I store my sweaters, other kit tops, jeans, shorts and shoes. Here's what it looked like before.


I took all the hand-knit sweaters out and put them on the bed.


I count 30 here, but that doesn't count the short-sleeved ones and those knit in cotton. Those I had actually organized before I thought abut snapping some photos.  There are only about a dozen of those, so that was easier.

Unfortunately this is the space I had to put them back into. The two stacks on the right are the cotton and short-sleeved sweaters.


But I managed it! They all went back in and should stay that way for a while as I am not wearing wool too much these days.  I have a sweatshirt on today, but in the summer when I'm cold I wear sweatshirts, not wool sweaters.


Today I finished up the other closet and I went through my dresser drawers earlier this week. 

I still may have too many sweaters, but by April I'm starting to get tired of wearing the same 23 sweaters and look for more. That's when I pull out the older ones that I don't wear early in the winter. When you wear wool from September through April you do need a good selection.

On the knitting front, I have completed two shawls and a pair of socks this summer and am starting on a sweater-vest.

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