Monday, March 30, 2009

Button bands are always tricky

At least for me. I can never get them right the first time.  I usually expect I will have to rip out the first attempt. I did this yesterday and then ripped it out last night.


You can see that it is a little too long. I measured the front of the sweater. It was 20". My gauge is 8 st/inch, so I picked up 160 stitches along the front.  (Oh yeah I cut it down the middle first.) I thought I wanted some pattern in the band, but after trying it on, decided I don't. It detracts from the other patterns. In rosemaling you learn that a border should complement but not overwhelm or detract from the main pattern. I think this is detracting, so the new one will either be plain or have just a little white in it. I picked up 144 stitches the second time. Hopefully that will be the right size. I do the side without button holes first for obvious reasons. (Remember the photo is backwards, since it is taken in a mirror.)

I also decided to do the front bands before the collar.


And in case you want to see what else I am working on, here are pictures of the project we've just completed in our house. Hallway renovation


itsjustmeghan said...

the sweater is GORGEOUS! and the hallway is even better!!! you have been BUSY!!!

Bethany said...

Wow! I've been anxious to see how the sweater turned out, and your renovations too! Your sweater is fantastic-I'm so impressed! :) And your nice and clean it all looks, the floors-everything looks fabulous!