Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Setesdal is finished.

I have had a lot of stuff happen in my family this past two months.  But things are settling down again and I'm knitting again.  I finished the black and white Setesdal-style sweater.

It was warm enough out on our deck to sit out here yesterday. This is where I did the picking up of stitches for the placket. The light here was great.  Then I knitted the placket and started on the collar. I finished up weaving in the ends and tacking down the inner facings today and wore the sweater to my yarn shop.  I prefer taking pictures outside, so took this when I got home again.09-Finishied

And I have started a new one.  This one is a kit by KnitPicks. I bought it because the price was right and I liked the sweater. So far I have one cuff and half the sleeve done.  Doing these one after another is helping me hone my skills and remember the things I did wrong the last time. 

Here is the cuff and sleeve so far. Well, actually it's a little longer than this, as I took this yesterday morning.


That's it for this time.


auburnchick said...

Oh my word! That is one LOVELY sweater!!! AuburnChick faints in awe...

Britt-Arnhild said...

A lovely piece of art Cecelia.

Randi said...

What a BEAUTIFUL sweater! You couldn't have possibly done anything wrong.

Phyllis Swenson said...

Hey Ceci,

You know I don't come to Ravelry often, but stopped in today to look for, of all things, a scrubbie pattern. I miss my knitting group, but am not knitting anything right now, so needed some small project. Anyhow wanted to take a good look at your sweater.. Beautiful!! Maybe I should try that next!?

Anonymous said...

Hi, Cécile!

I didn't find any other contact information about you, so now I try to reach you through this comment.
First of all, I must say you your knitting is fantastic! I love many of your designs!
First a short introduction: I am a 25 year old "man" from Norway, currently living in Oslo. I am married to a beautiful girl called Isabel, and I'm working in an x-ray department in a hospital in Oslo.
The reason why I try to contact you is that my wife and I have been wanting to get our first tattoo together. I want something special, something that means a lot to me, and something that is connected to Norwegian traditional art. So I have been looking for different kinds of rosemaling, actually! Searching the Internet and in different books, I found out that I loved your rosemaling! Especially one design in blue colors posted on March 28th, 2008. You also have some sketches posted on february 5th 2010 that looks great, and the style that I'm looking for. I was hoping we could write each other about me perhaps using your art as a tattoo...
If you are just a little bit interested, I was hoping you might contact me on my e-mail. If not, or if you don't have the time to write me, I wish you the best of luck in continuing your knitting and rosemaling!
My e-mail is:
(Also, I'm sorry for my english writing skills)

Best wishes
Peter M. Skauen, from Norway

Joansie said...

I just found your blog and your work is so beautiful! I've added you to my "Reader" list and will look for you on Ravelry.

P.S. Wish I were disciplined like you. I have quite a few UFO's.

WonderMike said...

Absolutely jaw-droppingly stunning!!!

Paula said...

Astounding! What an heirloom!