Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Some more rosemaling

green -orange_1_1_1

Here are a few sketches I did last spring in class.


These two are basically the same design, but with different colors.

And then the mangletre that I painted in the class I took last week.






I really had no idea that I was painting in the same colors as the sketch I had done in class 3 months ago.  I have a place to hang this at home next to the cupboard where I keep my iron.  Do you know what a mangletre is?  It's Norwegian.





Joansie said...

Beautiful work. No, I did not know what a mangletre is so I looked it up. Reminded me of the wire jean stretchers used to dry once upon a time.

bethanyg said...

Oh it's gorgeous! I had to Google mangletre of course, but it sounds like my sort of thing! ha! Lovely!

Knittinreed said...

Beautiful! It is interesting to see how the different colors make the designs look totally different!

m.cristina said...

adoro questo stile

C├ęcile said...

Joan, Bethany, Ceci, Cris, Thank you so much for your comments. I love finding comments on my blog.

Gunn said...

What a nice mangletre! And sketches you have made!
You have knitted so many nice norwegians "lusekofter" also!

Cecile said...

Thank you very much Gunn. I love Norwegian designs.

Paula said...

Beautiful work but, no, I think I knew at one time what it was but do not know now.

Cecile said...

Thanks, Paula. I think the English word for a mangletre is 'clapper.' It's used to press a crease in something. At least that's the way I still use mine occasionally. I use it with my steam iron.

Amanda said...

I did not have to Google mangletre, and I do think your work was beautiful.

Anonymous said...

The Mangeltre is used to smooth linen. You need a "Manglestokk" to make your mangeltre complete.

Linen is rolled around a "stick" (Manglestokken), and then it is laid on a table. Mangeltre is laid across the stick. With one hand on the handle, and the other hand put far ahead on the mangeltre (to give weight).
The stick with the linen is now being rolled back and forth on the table by using the mangeltre. Thus linen smooth. Hope this is clarifying.