Friday, January 7, 2011

2011 is here!

I didn't keep up with this blog last year, in part because I really did do more painting.  I also kept knitting and spent more time outdoors as long as the weather was nice.  Now that it is in the single digits outside (-15 to -20C for those not in the US) it's just too cold to be out more than I have to.


Here are two pictures of my living room decorated for Christmas.  I tried to come up with something different this year for the mantel.


Here's a close-up.  I made some of those paper trees for my dining room table and then decided to do some more for the mantel, because I really liked how they turned out and they were so easy!


For the first time, I knitted some Christmas gifts - 4 hats and some fingerless gloves. And I did some rosemaled plates for Christmas too.

Here are a few of the items I painted last fall.








And here is the sweater I finished last fall.  It is made from Bergere de France yarn that I bought in Falaise, Normandy, when we were there in May. Pictures from that trip are on my website.


There, that wasn't so hard and didn't take too long.  Maybe I'll try to keep this up better this year.  (This would be more likely if I got comments from those reading it.)

I did do a better job of keeping up my travel blog last year, which is linked at the top of this one.


Happy New Year to all who are reading this! 

I hope 2011 is an exceptionally wonderful year for you!


auburnchick said...

Everything, including the sweater, is lovely! Good to hear from you!!

Cécile said...

Wow, you are fast. I'm still proofing this post! Thanks for stopping in and for the compliments.

Sue said...

Gorgeous sweater and I love your paintings as well! I can't even imagine just how cold -15C is!

Cécile said...

Thanks, Sue. It's not so bad. You just have to dress for it. Where are you?

Amanda said...

Wonderful Scrollwork on the rosemaling. It was great to see the pictures.

sandyhart said...

Your Rosemaling is GORGEOUS! and I love the sweater you knit! Your paper trees are pretty and make an interesting mantle decoration!

Lisaknits said...

Lovely! Looking forward to meeting you.

Cécile said...

Amanda, Sandy, Lisa, Thank you so much. I appreciate your taking the time to comment. Lisa, I'm looking forward to meeting you too. Don't let the cold scare you.

Randi said...

Love the mantle decorations, love the rosemaling, love the sweater!