Tuesday, August 14, 2007

My Old-lady dolls

I'm still knitting on the sweater and working on my French. The knitting is going slowly, so I thought I'd share some pictures of my dolls. I love these dolls. I acquired the first one Miss Ophelia rose at the Glenshen art fair in 2002.

The next year I bought the second one to keep her company. I named her Miss Lily Pearl. They sit in my diningroom window, where they can keep track of the people walking by, just like my grandmother used to do.

I wanted to get another the following year of the same size. They are about 12" high, but the lady who makes them wasn't making the larger ones anymore. I did buy a pair of smaller ones, which sit in my livingroom window.

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Mary Ruth said...

I think these dolls are darling! They are made so well too! Thanks for sharing the pictures of your dolls! I had never seen any like this before! You have a nice collection!