Monday, August 13, 2007

Two rosemaled plates

Just to mix things up a bit I am adding some photographs of a couple plates I rosemaled. I painted these in classes, without any idea what I would do with them, but after getting them home realized that they were the right colors for my dining room. The red one is more recent. It is my own design.

The blue one below is older, done in the 2nd year that I was doing rosemaling, I think. It was done in a class and using a pattern by Judy Ritger, who does absolutely beautiful work. Mine doesn't come any where near doing her pattern justice. I changed the colors too. My painting is a bit better than this now and I ususally paint my own designs, but these are the two plates that are hanging in my dining room.

There now I have added some rosemaling to this blog, so the title makes more sense now. :-)
When the sweater reaches a point that is interesting again I'll add new pictures of it. for now I am plugging along on it.

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Mary Ruth said...

I think your knitting is incredible! will post on that area for you.

I used to do Rosemaling years ago, so I appreciate how much work & technique it takes to make simple strokes! Your work is wonderful and the colors are great! Will check in here to see what's NEW!