Saturday, April 28, 2012

Improving my skillset


So this is the topic for today's post.  3KCBWDAY6

I love doing colorwork.  I have recently been working on two projects with cables and it has reminded me that I really prefer colorwork.  I did learn to do cables without a cable needle (from Jared Flood) and that made cables more enjoyable, but still they are not my favorite. I feel I can still improve my colorwork knitting, though and my next big project will be a colorwork one. I haven't done any for a while now. I would like to do a big Fair Isle sweater.

Other skills I would like to learn are shadow knitting and double knitting.  Shadow knitting just looks so fascinating.  I want to know how it is done. And I'm not sure what double knitting is, but would like to try that some day. I've tried "twined knitting" but that is really putzy. You have to twist the yarns after every stitch, which really slows the process, so I wasn't crazy about it.

In case you aren't familiar with shadow knitting, here is a pattern on Ravelry using this technique. It looks like magic to me.

I knit socks and sleeves and other small circumference items on 2 circular needles.  I used double points when I first learned to knit some 40 years ago, but switched to 2 circs and prefer that method now. I have done magic loop too, which is very similar. I like the 2 circs.

I also used to crochet years ago and can do that, but mostly I like to knit sweaters, which is why I switched to knitting from crochet.

Maybe one area I could expand into would be writing patterns. I sometimes design my own sweaters, but those patterns tend to be very basic.  I have written and published patterns for doll sweaters, but never for a garment for a person.

I would like to know a lot more about sheep and other fiber animals, fiber, and the various characteristics of fibers and yarns available. 

I have run out of things to say on this topic.  If this were the knitting and rosemaling blog week challenge, I could add that I have a lot to learn in rosemaling and hope to improve my skills there.

Since this is a post about things I don't know or haven't done, I don't have any pictures.  Since I don't have any pictures, I think I'll just stop now and work on tomorrow's topic.  I'm not sure anyone has read this far down in the post anyway.  I could just add nonsense here to make it look longer.

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Randi said...

There are so many things I'd like to try as well!