Thursday, April 26, 2012

Knitting throughout the year


Today's topic for 3KCBWDAY4 is "seasons" and how my knitting changes with the season.

That's easy.  I knit with wool mostly in the fall and winter and with cotton or cotton blends in the summer. Here are some projects I have finished in the past few years, listed according to the month in which they were finished.  Thanks to Ravelry this is information that is easy to look up.


January, 2008  --  Gjestal Nagano 100% wool sport

This is a good one to start this post with, because this is what I was working on when I heard about Ravelry and requested an invitation. I did this sweater as a Tour de France 2007 knitalong, which was fun. I didn't finish it before we left for Paris. I didn't have a lot of knitting time while we were there, so it got finished in January, 2008. I blogged about it on this blog.  And here's the link to my

Ravelry project page.



February, 2011  --  Kauni wool

When this Kauni wool came into our yarn shop, all the ladies in my knitting group got excited and bought some.  Until I saw this colorway, I wasn't planning on buying any, but I just fell in love with these colors. Ravelry project page.


March, 2010  --  Dale baby wool

I have loved these Norwegian sweaters for years, but didn't feel my skillset was up to knitting one.  Finally in 2010, I was ready to try this. This is my own pattern.  I wanted to keep it simple and the Dale patterns  as well as other commercial patterns tend to be more complicated. Blog postRavelry project page.


April, 2009  --  some wool I bought in Japan and some Nature Spun fingering wool.

Okay, this one looks more complicated than the one above.  No explanation for that. Another pattern that I created to use this yarn. I like the back better than the front.  For more information see my Ravelry project page.  or  This blog.


May, 2011  --  Rowan cotton glace sport

One of two shrugs I made to attend 2 weddings in June.

coral shrug

June, 2011  --   Cascade Yarns Ultra Pima 100% cotton DK

I made this one for my niece's wedding. I wanted something to wear with that necklace, which had been my Grandmother's.  The handsome young man is my son.


July, 2010  --  Filatura di Crosa  cotton/rayon/nylon  Aran

This one is nice to wear over a tank top in the summer.


August, 2010  --  Taki Yarns cotton classic DK

I needed a white shell.  Both this pattern and the one below are from Ann McCauley's Twinset knitting book.


September, 2009  ---  Nature Spun Sport 100% wool

It's getting cold here by September, so I'm back to knitting with wool.

Ravelry project page.


October, 2010  Bergere de France Ideal Nylon/Acrylic/wool sport

I bought this yarn in Falaise, Normandy in May.  This is another pattern I made up to use the yarn I had. sometimes that works out better than other times. Ravelry project page. Blue nordic-done

November, 2007  --  Noro Silk Garden mohair/silk/wool Aran

I bought this yarn in Japan, then took it to France.  I needed an easy project there to take to the Knit-cafe I attended a few times. It's kind of a boring pattern, but I couldn't find anything else that I had finished in November.

Noro scarf-cap

December, 2008  --  Jamieson's Double Knitting 100% wool DK

This was made with yarn left-over from another project.


So that's one project for each month.  Looking back, I want to remove some of the photos.  I don't usually post so many pictures of myself. But I think knitwear garments look better modeled on a person, than laid out flat and I don't have a dress dummy, so I try to take pictures of myself in my finished garments.  My deck is just off the computer room, so that's the easiest place to take photos.


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Frockfarie said...

Your colour-work is lovely. I always admire it but when I try to do it I always end up in tangles.

auburnchick said...

Oh my goodness!! That project from June is beautiful! All of your work is, in fact.

Cécile said...

Thanks Nathalie, You are too kind.

BTW My parents both went to Auburn--that's where they met.