Monday, July 16, 2007

Rest day: sleeve complete

Here is the finished sleeve. I have to redo the color border, so it's not really finished, but I reached the top and bound it off. I'm not entirely happy with it. I wish I could get my two-color knitting more even, but at least none of the stiches have completely disappeared, so it's not as bad as some of my earlier efforts. It's acceptable.
Do we have to take a day of rest now? I do have two other projects that need just a bit of finishing to be done. Maybe I should work on those today and start the next sleeve tomorrow.


The_Add_Knitter said...

I think your sleeve is amazing! I am never happy with my fair isle tension, but the stitches usually settle down after washing, in my experience...bon courage et bonne continuation!;)

Auntly H said...

It's gorgeous! Why do you have to redo the cuff?

As for the mystery stole, this is the 3rd one. It seems she does it every summer. This year there are over 4000 participants. I hope we don't burn her out!

Arja said...

I love the colours you picked! well done!

Devorah said...

Your sleeve is truly awesome! Take a rest day, you deserve it.

Cecile said...

Thanks so much all of you! \

Aunty H. I'm going to have to try to get in on that next year. It just sounds like such fun.

The cuff is too tight. The sedond one came out right, I think. it won't be that much work to redo the first and then they will match--well pretty much. I will do the first one backwards, so that may make it a bit different. It will be a conversation point.