Monday, July 23, 2007

The second sleeve, cont'd

It's boring, working on the second sleeve, but at least they will both be done when I finish the body. That will be nice. The second one is coming along better than the first. The gauge is more even, though it is looser. In the picture you can see that the bottom part of the first one is smaller. I wish that one was larger and the second one was smaller, but the second one will be okay, since this is sort of a jacket-like sweater. I used a larger needle and added one pattern repeat to get it larger, but my knitting was looser besides that and so the second one turned out a whole lot bigger than the first. I hope when I redo the first one at the bottom, it looks okay. I wish after all the practice I've had with faire-isle type knitting, that my stitches were more consistent. I keep trying and hoping it will improve.

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Riggwelter said...

I'm sure if you keep practising, it will come.

Your jacket is looking beautiful, I love the colours.